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Our message forums are designed to help answer your feline/canine health-related and veterinary questions and to provide a source of comfort and support when needed. We have a core team consisting of professionals and experienced pet owners who care deeply about your pets - we have as our utmost concern the health, safety, and welfare of your pet. While we make every effort to help provide health information, direction, knowledge and support, we do NOT diagnose health conditions on our forums, we encourage all users to contact their vet or emergency veterinary facility immediately should your pet be exhibiting signs of a veterinary medical emergency. Please see our Emergency Pages for Signs & Symptoms.

Our desire is to provide a helpful message forum with a professional atmosphere. Please keep in mind when you post that CatHelp-Online reserves the right to delete offensive posts. The forums are closely monitored and strictly moderated and offensive posts WILL be promptly removed. Any abuse of our House Rules will result in prompt IP banning and removal from the forums. There will be no exceptions.

House Rules
Posts that will be immediately removed and subject to IP banning:

  • Any post which uses vulgar language
  • Any post that contains reference to deliberate harm to an animal
  • Any post that includes a link to a site that gives reference to deliberate harm to animals
  • Any post where a user argues with another user or administrator or moderator
  • Any post where a user argues with another user or administrator or moderator regarding potential heated topics, including but not limited to: spaying/neutering, declawing, indoor vs outdoor living, vaccinations, nutrition, raw diets, conventional medicine vs alternative, etc
  • Any declawing post that include links to graphics or graphic depictions, posts that include a heated argument on the subject, or posts that argue with another user or administrator or moderator after a warning has been given
  • Any post with adult material or other questionable material. This is a family-oriented feline and canine health forum, subjects must be kept to the board's theme
  • Spamming, advertising, selling of products or services, distributorship or solicitation
  • Any post by a banned user attempting to use a proxy
  • Administration reserves the right to edit/delete posts of questionable nature at our sole descretion

Our Position Statements

  • CatHelp-Online will NOT diagnose illness on our message forums. While we will make every attempt to help answer your questions, it should never be assumed we can accurately diagnose a condition. Our primary intention will always be to direct you to seek your veterinarian's counsel. Under no circumstance should any internet website be presumed a substitute for professional veterinary care and attention. CatHelp-Online will not be held liable for consequences, nor will we be held liable for any information posted on our message forums.
  • CatHelp-Online will NOT prescribe or offer dosing information on our message forums. In special cirumstances whereby confirmation can be given, we may occasionally validate information regarding a prescription or dosing information your veterinarian has previously discussed with you. Under no circumstance will we be held liable for such information regarding validation. It is the user's sole responsibility to discuss any concern regarding prescribing or dosing with their veterinarians exclusively.
  • CatHelp-Online is a USA-based website, and as such, will primarily follow the veterinary industry's interests based in the USA. Because of the various differences in veterinary medicine/approved products for veterinary use between countries, users outside of the USA are strongly encouraged to refer to their primary veterinarian for information that applies to you specifically. Potential issues include, but are not limited to: prescriptions/online prescriptions, pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, neutraceuticals, over-the-counter products, off-label use of products, herbs, homeopathic remedies, holistic remedies, "natural" products, other alternative medicine products and any product not currently evaluated, approved or regulated by the department of the US Food & Drug Administration. CatHelp-Online strictly monitors posts of such nature on our forums and we will remove any information we feel may be of a hazardous nature.

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